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Research Study Opportunities

Reseach opportunities are a chance for families who have children who are deaf/hard of hearing can participate in important research that will help mold the future for our children.  Why research?

  • It's a tool for building knowledge and facilitating learning.

  • It's a means to understand issues and increase public awareness.

  • It helps us succeed in business.

  • It allows us to disprove lies and support truths.

  • It is a means to find, gauge, and seize opportunities.

  • It promotes a love of and confidence in reading, writing, analyzing, and sharing valuable information.

  • It provides nourishment and exercise for the mind.

What is the age of your child?  Choose from the age ranges below to find research opportunities:

Are you a researcher who would like to advertise your research opportunities here?  Please complete this form:

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