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"If you are visiting this page your child may have recently been diagnosed with a hearing loss.  My name is Andrea Marwah I am the Executive Director of Illinois Hands & Voices and I welcome you here.  Not too long ago, I too was searching for information to help my newly diagnosed daughter.  This time can be scary and sometimes cause much stress and anxiety.  Please consider seeking out some parent to parent support with one of our Parent Guides, these individuals are like you and me, parents of children who are deaf or hard of hearing.  These Guides are there to answer your questions at your pace.  If you have questions for me, feel free to contact me at  The information on this page should help you in the beginning of your new journey."


Parent to Parent Support

What is Early Intervention

Get Connected to Early Intervention


Specialized Care for Children

 Learn More about your 

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  Find Audiology Services

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Hands & Voices Headquarters wants you to be off to a great start, click on the image below to explore their Off to a Great Start information on their website ...  

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