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What is Guide By Your Side?

Guide By Your Side (GBYS) is a program that provides:

  • Unbiased information

  • One on one support and resources

  • Trained Parent Guides to talk and/or meet with you

What are Parent Guides?

  • Parent Guides are adults who have children with a hearing loss.

  • They provide unbiased information and resources regarding communication, educational and technological choices.

  • They help families identify their options…not tell them which options  to choose.

  • They support families.  Support is all about listening first…not  judging, and it’s always done without bias.

  • They help families navigate through the many systems and services available in Illinois.

  • They work as a team with professionals offering a well rounded care system for families.

Who is Eligible to Participate in the GBYS Program?

  • Families who have a child who has a hearing loss or who you suspect has a hearing loss.

  • Families that live in Illinois.

How much does the GBYS program cost me?

  • This program is FREE to participating families.

How does the GBYS Program benefit me and my family?

  • One-on-one consultation via phone, email or home visits with a regional Parent Guide.

  • The opportunity to network with other families.

  • Notification of, and opportunities to participate in, local and   statewide educational events.

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Listen to our very own Carrie Balian talk about family support. 

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Illinois Guide By Your Side (GBYS) is brought to you by:

Illinois Hands & Voices


The Illinois Newborn Hearing Program (IL EHDI)

Working Together To Support Illinois Families



phone:  224-343-1873


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