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"Advocacy is likely or is going to become one of the most used words in your vocabulary as a parent of a child who is deaf or hard of hearing.  You will need to strengthen your advocacy knowledge and skills.  You are the voice for your child until they can speak for themselves.  Parents who are strong advocates have children who become strong self advocates.  Understand your legal rights and hone in on your ability to get what your child needs.  We are here to assist if you need us."


From Emotions to Advocacy is a book and website that can get you started with learning the law and advocacy.


Gallaudet University Regional Center Midwest has many resources relating to advocacy.


Valuable and trustworthy resources for families of children who are  deaf and hard of hearing


IL School for the Deaf has an advocate who can work one on one with you when you have concerns about your child's schooling.


Hands & Voices Headquarters has many resources for families, check out their pop up IEP..

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