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Jeanne Carlisle


Jeanne Carlisle earned her BA degree in Business Management from Robert Morris College. Before coming to Illinois Hands & Voices Jeanne served in the Illinois Jaycees for almost twenty years in many capacities on the state and local levels. Jeanne was recognized as An Outstanding Local President by both the Illinois Jaycees, and the US Jaycees. Jeanne was also recognized as The Outstanding State Chairman for her role as Leadership & Personal Skills State Chairman. Jeanne has been in banking her entire professional career. During that time she has volunteered to work with Junior Achievement and her local Chamber of Commerce in the areas her banks, or credit unions, have served.  When her daughter was diagnosed with profound hearing loss in 2009 Jeanne found Illinois Hands & Voices and their Guide By Your Side program. The support Jeanne found in this organization helped her family navigate their journey with more confidence. In time Jeanne wanted to try and share some of the help and friendship she had received with other families in Illinois.  In 2015 Jeanne joined the Board of Directors, and in 2016 she was promoted to the Treasurer position. Jeanne lives in Romeoville with her husband Tim, and their two children Kaitlyn and Olivia.

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