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What is Illinois Sound Beginnings?

As true partners, the IL EHDI (Early Hearing Detection & Intervention) and IL Hands & Voices Guide By Your Side (ILHV GBYS) staff work very closely to develop grant narratives, budgets, project methodology, work plans, and data measures. By having activities family-focused, this allows the program to address the screening and follow-up needs of all infants and their families in Illinois while reducing diagnostic loss to follow-up and increasing early intervention and parent-to-parent support enrollment. 

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2022 GRACE Award Recipients..  In partnership with IL EHDI

Notice of recognition from babysfirsttest.org: 

After careful consideration, we are pleased to recognize Illinois Sound Beginnings (a collaborative partnership between the Illinois Early Hearing Detection & Intervention program and the Illinois Hands & Voices Guide By Your Side organization) for their innovative and practical approach to family engagement in the newborn hearing screening space. (click on image to read entire award recognition)

Devin 7
Violet 18mo
Elouise - age 2
Mason 3

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