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Thank you to our 2024 SuperHEARo 5K Sponsors!! 

Did you recently find out your child is deaf/hard of hearing?  We're here to help you.

Padres y profesionales que proporcionan información imparcial y recursos en todo el estado

Find upcoming events hosted by us or other agencies and organizations.

Are you a professional working with infants, toddlers and  children who are deaf/hard of hearing? 

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Casino Night 2023 (24 of 163)
Casino Night 2023 (58 of 163)
Casino Night 2023 (74 of 163)
Casino Night 2023 (67 of 163)
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What is Illinois Sound Beginnings?

As true partners, the IL EHDI (Early Hearing Detection & Intervention) and IL Hands & Voices Guide By Your Side (ILHV GBYS) staff work very closely to develop grant narratives, budgets, project methodology, work plans, and data measures. By having activities family-focused, this allows the program to address the screening and follow-up needs of all infants and their families in Illinois while reducing diagnostic loss to follow-up and increasing early intervention and parent-to-parent support enrollment. 

Visit IL EHDI's Website:

are you the parent of a child with hearing loss or parent of a deaf child living near a neighboring state? IL Hands & Voices is here to help but so are these chapters:

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