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Lydia Hernandez

Vice President - Jr Board of Directors Advisor


Lydia Hernandez graduated Cum Laude with her BA in Liberal Studies from the University of Illinois at Springfield.  Her daughter was diagnosed with hearing loss in 2010 at the age of 4, since then she has taken an active role in providing guidance to families like hers.  In 2014, Lydia was hired as one of the Spanish speaking Parent Guides which she swiftly took a leadership role and since then has been helping bilingual families in Illinois.  In 2015, she held a lead role for IL Hands & Voices’ biggest fundraiser of the year.  In 2020 she became a board member with Illinois Hands & Voices, taking a leadership role in enhancing Spanish involvement within the community.  Lydia currently holds the position of Vice President of Illinois Hands & Voices focusing her efforts on inclusion of the Spanish speaking families in Illinois who need support in their native language.  She also leads the Junior Board of Directors for the chapter.  She is actively involved in projects working on enhancing the EHDI system on a state and national level.  Her project work includes managing referrals for Spanish speaking families that have been confirmed with a hearing loss through the Illinois Department of Public Health.  Lydia works on translations for Illinois Guide By Your Side, Illinois EHDI, NCHAM and Illinois Hands & Voices. Through the years she has served as a board member for her Local School Council and volunteered her time with various non-profits due to her daughter with hearing loss also having multiple medical conditions including Celiac Disease and a rare genetic disorder called TRAPS (Tumor- Necrosis Factor Receptor Associated Periodic Syndrome).  Lydia was born and raised and continues to live in Chicago with her husband Wilson and four daughters Angela, Lynette, Isabella and Skylar.

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